Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Writers' Village mini-course

I may have mentioned this before, but there is a free course of tips on writing available through the Writers' Village site. I had signed up for it and have been finding many of the tips to be useful and thought-provoking. I appreciate the fact that they are not too long, so it is easy to read one and have a think about the implications without it taking a chunk out of your day.

As an example, the latest tip was about structures for building a satisfying work (though that traditional structure has been likened to a male orgasm by Julia Keefer: "Why does drama historically mimic the rise and fall of the male orgasm?" she asks here). Also extra tips regularly arrive from the Writers' Village blog, such as the recent post about inserting background information into stories: Five Ways to Handle Stuff and Other Nonsense. "Stuff is setting. It's context. It's all the background details that you must convey but, if handled clumsily, bog down the pace."

Why is it available for free? Partly because the emails from Writers' Village give the site owners an opportunity to promote the Writers' Village competitions. This can benefit you: the great thing about their competitions are the personalised feedback you get on every entry (e.g. see extracts from what I received when I entered). Therefore, rather than money and words disappearing into a black hole, you are guaranteed to get something of benefit.


John Yeoman said...

Thanks, Karl. I greatly appreciate your accolade, so recently discovered, courtesy of SEO Quake!

Karl said...

No problem, I follow your blog and always learn something, so I'm happy to promote it to other writers!

[Readers: the blog can be found at http://www.writers-village.org/writing-award-blog.php, and the RSS feed is http://www.writers-village.org/writing-award-blog.rss]