Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Short stories in the wild

My current Smashwords tag cloud (click to enlarge) - pretty varied,
ranging from naughty boys and Aberystwyth, to pregnancy and space empires!

I recently decided to take a break from editing my new novel and instead to polish up some of my short stories and make them available for free on Smashwords. When you're trying to get noticed it helps if you have a range of quality content. One of my future plans is to create two full anthologies of short stories: a horror one, called Long Shadows, and a relationship one, called People Stories. Some of the freebies below will fit into one of those when I eventually get round to compiling them. In the meantime, feel free to have a look - and, as ever, if you like what you see then consider leaving a rating, or review, or even trying one of my novels. I'll list the stories and each image acts as a straight jump to it, or just find the whole lot on my profile page.

Three relationship stories:

The 6:30 Hole

It Will Be Quick

Sweet Nothing

Three horror stories:

Creeping Jesus

If That Looking Glass Gets Broken

Just Telling Stories

A single sci-fi satire full of references to other things:


Lastly: this blog has a few short stories or snippets you can look at. Light and dark or balanced. Also a story if you like big jugs. And one that's rough around the edges and needs more work, Just A Little Bit Of Freedom.


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