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The Service I Offer

We all need help with our writing, and bringing our vivid imaginings to life on the page. We've been so close to a project, for so long, that it is hard to see it with objective eyes.

When I take on a manuscript I look at various areas of the work and how they can be improved, at two levels.
  • Overview of the whole work: structure, themes, plot, pacing, characterisation, tone, reader engagement, and character development. This is often referred to as developmental, literary or structural editing. At this macro level the story as a whole is the main focus.
  • Nitty gritty: work on language, readability, grammar, spelling, style, consistency, voice, imagery, and presentation, along with any typographical errors. So this includes elements of proofreading and copyediting. At this micro level the individual words used to tell the story are the main focus.
Usually I mark up the text itself to identify errors and improvements relating to the areas above. In some cases I draft a separate reader's report with ideas for improvement under various headings, whichever are most relevant to the work in hand, identifying general strengths and weaknesses in the story and your writing, and including any areas where more work might be required. We can discuss this during the initial consultation.

Although no creative work can ever be perfect, I guarantee that my contributions will improve your novel or short stories.


£4 per 1,000 words. This would work out at £280 for a novel of 70,000 words. Payment is by Paypal, bank transfer, cheque or cash, with half paid in advance.


I am so busy with writing that I take on very few editing clients. The best thing is to contact me with details of your work (synopsis or description) and a sample; I'll reply as soon as possible, and if I am available to do editorial work I'll read the first five pages and give you some feedback for free, so you can see the kind of things I spot and whether my editorial work will be useful to you. We can take it from there if you'd like me to work on your full manuscript.

Why Choose Me?

As a fellow practitioner, I know the work involved with editing or rewriting a novel, and even restructuring to enhance the story and themes. My own work goes through this process several times, so I am fully versed with the combined pain and pleasure involved.

My background has always revolved around communication and language. My first degree was in English and Classics (BA First Class); my second was an MSc in Information Studies. As well as being an author, I've had a career as a university librarian specialising in information literacy.

I've helped a number of authors improve their work, and done appraisals of manuscripts for small publishers and independent authors. I've been a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and undertaken one of the Publishing Training Centre courses. My bookshelf is crammed with style guides, dictionaries, books on writing and copy-editing, Hart's Rules etc. Yes, I really do read all this stuff for pleasure! (Have a look at my posts about the business of writing to see the level of detail I drill down to, and posts such as 13 Tips For Writers.) I have also judged writing competitions (e.g. the BBC’s 500 Words).

For the last author I worked with I'd suggested ways to reinforce the imagery and motifs she was keen on using, and we worked on strengthening dialogue in a few areas by making it more naturalistic whilst removing stilted phrases. I also improved the use of language and fixed typos. There were some perspective changes in the work's ending that could be confusing to the reader, so they were clarified to make the ending much stronger. She described my editorial suggestions as "excellent" and "fabulous feedback!"

If required, I can also help with book formatting (styles, format conversion, sections) and advise on cover design.

Lastly: I won't beat around the bush. I'll tell you when things aren't working, and suggest ways to improve them.


"You went above and beyond with your analysis."
-- John A. Galeotto, author of Something Wicked; December 2016


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