Decision made, bargain found, HTC Desire Z ordered from Handtec at a bargain price. The great service has to be mentioned. It is easy to complain about many things in this world but it is important to also point out when things go well. The Handtec postage was only £3.99, yet the item arrived the next day, and the package included a free official bluetooth headset that hadn't even been mentioned in the description. I was impressed by Handtec.

It got better. Even full time writers leave the house sometimes. When you order items online you should count yourself lucky if you are told the day of delivery by the courier: even more lucky if you are given an indication of AM or PM. The reality for many people who work is then having to attempt redelivery at a later date, possibly using annual leave to be in the house all day. However, Handtec used a courier called DPD. Not only did they deliver the item the very next day, before 1pm, but they actually sent an email in advance and gave a very specific one hour slot when it would be delivered, making it easy to pop home, take the delivery, and get back to work. Amazing service.

The phone itself is a wonder, far better than I expected. It is full of surprises and is lovely to use. I quickly got it connected to my wi-fi network at home and synchronised it with contacts from my PC. Then today I got it connected to Eduroam with no problems, then synced it with my Exchange email and calendar. Everything just works. Even out of the box it can create, open and edit Word documents and view PDFs, so will be ideal for writing when no other implement is handy. I will be using it as a portable PC more than as a phone. In fact, phone seems to be huge understatement: it is more powerful than my first two PCs combined, then multiplied by three.

Here is a fairly bad video of me trying it out this evening. The music is 'Human Orchestra' by Mark Bradshaw, from the excellent film 'Bright Star' about John Keats - an understated film that combines poetry with life, love and beauty to great effect: the film soundtrack is wonderful!

The only thing I don't like about the phone is that you have to have a Google mail account to access all the features such as the Android Market (for downloading apps). Even a Google Applications account is not enough, meaning you are forced to create yet more unwanted accounts, even if you just want to download free apps. Also the phone is then tied to that account for good so if you later change accounts you have to wipe everything from the phone and start again. That is a huge disappointment but is an issue with Google and Android as a whole, nothing to do with HTC or the phone.

Update: I've looked at the phone as an e-book reader in one of my work blogs.