Lykke Li is incredibly watchable and charismatic. This video, directed by Tarik Saleh, stars Lykke Li and Stellan Skarsgård. The visual style, deft and unexpected portrayals of emotion, expressive dancing and music all combine to concoct something that is familiar to us all, a feeling universally recognisable whether we have experienced it or not, archetypal reactions employed as part of the universal interplay of relationships. Another way in - to stop being pompous for second - is to ask "What is the story?" There are more interpretations than you might first think.

To bring this back to writing, here's a question: how would you write this as a scene in a novel or story? The difficulty of the look and the movement leads to the issue of how to describe it all with any clarity without getting tangled up in word nets that slow things down. Could it even be done effectively? Or would the interior laid bare break the effect by destroying the element of mystery, so vital in many creative works? An example here: what does she whisper? Would knowing that enhance or ruin the whole? And can the words work on the page when separated from the ambience of music?

I intended this to be a post about writing a scene but instead all I have ended up with is questions. Luckily asking questions is an avenue that eventually leads to creativity (I hope!)