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I continue to develop this blog. Today I added two permanent pages, 'About me' and 'Buy my work!' to the navigation area on the right. Some of you may also have noticed the quotes that appear in the top right and change daily. This is based on some Javascript that seems to work well. The data is fixed for each date, so I need to go in every so often and replace old feedback with new in order to keep it fresh but it isn't too onerous. The original code I based mine on can be found here.

The Warriors

The Warriors is one of the three great films of 1979. If you want to write something that is fast-paced and nail-biting then this is a worthy object of study. Its high concept of 'falsely-accused Warriors have to fight their way across the city past rival gangs to get home' gives us an unpredictable story with well-depicted and individualistic gangs, superb photography, and perfectly placed music.


Two successes

A while ago I mentioned that one of my stories was to be published in Sarasvati. Issue 17 is the issue containing my story and it is now available: you can order a copy here.


Sex versus gender

Gender and sex - two words that are regularly confused.
Gender either refers to a term of grammatical classification for nouns etc., or to socially constructed personalities. If the answer to a question is masculine, feminine, or neuter, then the question is asking about gender.

Sex when used to classify (as opposed to talking about sexual intercourse) refers to the division of living things into male and female. If the answer to a question is male or female, then the question is asking about sex.
It is not difficult to comprehend this useful distinction. Basically, when you’re talking about what biological wobbly bits people have, you are talking about sex differences.


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