At the local writing group last night we discussed dialogue and characterisation. As part of the discussion we tried some interesting exercises in writing dialogue with a partner, responding to what they write - akin the game 'Consequences'. In some ways it then resembles a real conversation in that you are not sure what the response might be; just as in real life you might try and lead things one way, but be stumped by the unexpected reactions of the person you are speaking to. It reminds me that I would like to co-write something with another person one day, based around a structure that could work well for two authors (e.g. each writes the scenes for one major character, or for one location or time period).

We also set limits on some of the dialogues, such as a particular location or scenario. One of the settings was 'two friends meet up after many years apart'. It reminded me of a scene from Soft Collisions that I have been working on, though there is a further twist that occurs in my novel. I'll reproduce it below. It definitely needs more work. I should also add that the twist is justified to a greater degree elsewhere in the novel, though I may need to do more here as well. As ever, feedback is welcomed!

[Cut - removed since the novel Cold Fusion 2000 is now available, and includes the updated scene.]