Creeping Jesus

I've decided to include one of my old cheesy horror stories for Halloween. It's called Creeping Jesus. One reader in the past described it as "almost Blyton-esque retro-style, but with a much darker ending". Another wrote on Authonomy:
"I liked Creeping Jesus, freaky and quite scary. There is an edginess to this one, the terror of being locked in there, gives me the shivers. I can smell the mustiness of the museum, a real sense of place. I hope you will upload more soon, please let me know if you do."

Help me to make things!

I am hoping to have my action horror novel Turner published within the next month, at least electronically, with a print version to follow. This is very exciting for me. Once Turner is out in the wild I can then focus on my literary novel Soft Collisions and some short story collections before starting a new project.

In the meantime I need some help!

Help me by picking a cover
I need to come up with a cover for Turner, so have been playing around with various ideas. A lighthouse features prominently in the novel, and I wanted to show it at its most creepy. The idea of a sunset combines the fading of light (hope) with ominous blood-like sunset colours, so I tried to come up with images that combined all those. Please have a look at the images below and then vote for your favourite cover (poll at the top right of the blog).


In The Gloaming

To celebrate the run up to Halloween I have decided that the rest of my posts for this month will have a horror theme of some kind. See, no-one can call me "Sour puss, grumpy face".

In The Gloaming is a series of comedy-horror podcasts written and directed by Nathaniel Tapley, and produced by Raoul Brand. In 2010 they won the Parsec award for 'Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster'. I thoroughly recommend either downloading them onto your phone/MP3 player/laptop, or listening to the episodes through their website - either way, you can get the episodes here. Episodes 1 and 3 are my personal favourites (lemon drizzle cake now has an interesting mental resonance for me after episode 3).

In their blog they give advice on undertaking similar projects yourself - well worth reading.

Using 'E'

 "Tell me - you weren't thinking of using language incorrectly, were you? It makes me angry..."
[Image by ilco]

E-book, e-Book, EBook, ebook, e-book, E-Book, eBook, Ebook? Many words have the letter 'e' prefixed nowadays, denoting 'electronic', but there seems to be confusion about the standard way of dealing with that letter. In the last couple of weeks one of the academic mailing lists I subscribe to, LIS-E-RESOURCES, had a question about the correct way to write e-book. I responded with a link to a post on this subject I wrote when I was an e-learning technologist working for JISC RSC Wales. However, it seemed that more clarification was needed. As such I decided to update my old post in order to clarify the underlying rules for using the prefix 'e' with other words, since we in the UK have no equivalent of L’Académie Française.



The BBC/Booktrust Story website has a section devoted to competitions. Good luck!

Looking to the future

My victory handstand after Go Ape yesterday

I don't want to jinx things by saying too much, but at the moment some of my writing is on the shortlist for an award, and I may also be appearing on a BBC radio programme at some point in the future with one of my respected writing collaborators. I'll post more if either of these come to fruition. Fingers crossed!

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