I love feedback!

Recently I had feedback from a few readers of Turner. One told me that they had almost read the whole novel in one sitting (not the first time I've heard that). In other emails:
  • "Hey I just read it, it's wicked! Love all the references to classics like Don't Look Now and The Wicker Man... read it while staying in a tower block in central Hong Kong - about as opposite to Stawl Island as is possible... but I was still completely freaked out." 
  • "You are a dark man Karl drinkwater.... my husband said he could imagine the book as a graphic novel whereas I thought it wd make a great film. Poor old tom Stanley: in addition to the rollercoaster of fear and adrenaline l also found it incredibly sad - don't know if that's the mum in me sighing 'why can't we all just be nice' :)"
  • "truth be told I never normally read horror yours is the first I've read in years. I'm going to big it up to all my friends, I really think its a great book - I didn't want to put it down even though I was horrified."
It's gratifying that people read and enjoy it, but also that it works out as I intended - a page turner.
  • And from Japan: "I've read only the beginning and it's so elegant (I hope my English is good enough) I am looking forward to reading it!!"
If you like it please leave a review or rating on the site you bought it from - I will love you as much as I love nice feedback.

Lies, damned lies, and - ooh, that pie chart looks interesting...

I was going to write about the joys of being self-employed and having to deal with HM Revenue & Customs. But it is too depressing. So I will save that for another day, in my rapidly-expanding virtual folder of 'potential blog posts', along with other ideas such as interactive fiction via games, issues related to self-publishing, my timeline of projected publications, and using speech recognition software as a writer.

It is so easy to write words about writing words.

Instead I'm going to let myself get distracted. Do you have a blog or website? Do you find yourself poring over statistics, getting excited because another fifty people from Poland read your blog post about the perfect pierogi? I was fiddling with my blog stats this morning and noticed that there had been a peak in visits since the 11th February. (I should say that it was a peak above my normal average - nothing at all compared to a massive spike in January when a link to one of my blog posts about DRM had appeared on a popular website).

Innovatively-labelled graph showing a peak in visits since the 11th February



Does this qualify for my bad language tag or not? It certainly isn't clear what it means! "As you transition to this new experience" seems to imply that they are over-riding my privacy settings, but only when I get used to the idea... Maybe Facebook thinks I will be happy with it because the message was worded so daintily.

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