I love feedback!

Recently I had feedback from a few readers of Turner. One told me that they had almost read the whole novel in one sitting (not the first time I've heard that). In other emails:
  • "Hey I just read it, it's wicked! Love all the references to classics like Don't Look Now and The Wicker Man... read it while staying in a tower block in central Hong Kong - about as opposite to Stawl Island as is possible... but I was still completely freaked out." 
  • "You are a dark man Karl drinkwater.... my husband said he could imagine the book as a graphic novel whereas I thought it wd make a great film. Poor old tom Stanley: in addition to the rollercoaster of fear and adrenaline l also found it incredibly sad - don't know if that's the mum in me sighing 'why can't we all just be nice' :)"
  • "truth be told I never normally read horror yours is the first I've read in years. I'm going to big it up to all my friends, I really think its a great book - I didn't want to put it down even though I was horrified."
It's gratifying that people read and enjoy it, but also that it works out as I intended - a page turner.
  • And from Japan: "I've read only the beginning and it's so elegant (I hope my English is good enough) I am looking forward to reading it!!"
If you like it please leave a review or rating on the site you bought it from - I will love you as much as I love nice feedback.


Bec said...

Great feedback! I'm tempted to put aside the Straub book I'm reading...

Turner sounds like a real page-turner!

Karl said...

No, don't put Straub aside! You'll ruin the buildup, I find it harder to come back to a horror title I've started after a gap. Mine will wait.

[Goes off to browse a list of Straub works to guess at what you are reading...]

This is an awful admission, but although I would have sworn I have read some of Straub's work, I don't recognise any of the titles he has published. This requires more investigation!

Bec said...

I'm reading Ghost Story. I'm about halfway through and don't yet care about any of the characters (that may be more to do with my mood rather than the writing). I'm only carrying on with it because it's had extremely good reviews on Amazon.

Karl said...

That's funny, it is the only one I thought I had possibly read, but when I read up on the plot synopsis it wasn't familiar at all.

Karl said...

I solved the mystery! I found 'Black House' by King and Straub on my bookshelf. I have seen it lots, especially recently when I moved some books around so the cat could sit in that shelf, which made me think I had read a Straub book. Not read it yet though.

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