Recently I had feedback from a few readers of Turner. One told me that they had almost read the whole novel in one sitting (not the first time I've heard that). In other emails:
  • "Hey I just read it, it's wicked! Love all the references to classics like Don't Look Now and The Wicker Man... read it while staying in a tower block in central Hong Kong - about as opposite to Stawl Island as is possible... but I was still completely freaked out." 
  • "You are a dark man Karl drinkwater.... my husband said he could imagine the book as a graphic novel whereas I thought it wd make a great film. Poor old tom Stanley: in addition to the rollercoaster of fear and adrenaline l also found it incredibly sad - don't know if that's the mum in me sighing 'why can't we all just be nice' :)"
  • "truth be told I never normally read horror yours is the first I've read in years. I'm going to big it up to all my friends, I really think its a great book - I didn't want to put it down even though I was horrified."
It's gratifying that people read and enjoy it, but also that it works out as I intended - a page turner.
  • And from Japan: "I've read only the beginning and it's so elegant (I hope my English is good enough) I am looking forward to reading it!!"
If you like it please leave a review or rating on the site you bought it from - I will love you as much as I love nice feedback.