I enjoy reading my work out to my writing friends, and hearing their stories in return, as we try out new voices and styles. In a class last week I had a go at portraying a human monster via monologue. My friend Simon Garrett wrote this in his blog:
"Another interesting thing was that Karl read a powerful, challenging story [...] Karl’s story was an assault on the psyche of everyone in the room. It was vile, repugnant, out of control, despicable - and deliberately so. At the end of the story, the response was not an intellectual one of “I like what you did with X, but not so keen on Y,” rather it was a coming to terms with the emotions we were each feeling, and why we were so appalled, and what it mean for the person in the story. It was an important lesson."
It was difficult to write too! I may do a video reading of it at some point and put it on the blog, with suitable warnings, though it wouldn't have the same visceral impact as reading it when sat within a few feet of the listener.

Simon's blog includes details of where you can buy his first novel, Teddy and the Darkgate.