I made it to the finals of The Wales Blog Awards 2012 (muted applause from audience), in a shortlist of three for the 'Best Writing on a Blog' category (whistle and more clapping); I attended the event in Cardiff (some cheers); but I didn't win (deflated sigh from audience and apologetic look from the writer stood in front of them as pages fall from his hands like the sands of time. The audience leaves the auditorium.)

Still, I did have two lovely meals at VFS, a fantastic vegetarian Indian restaurant - if you're ever in Cardiff then please go along. Their takeaway snacks are well worth investigating too, especially the 'atom bombs'! I also stayed at my favourite Cardiff hotel, the Novotel, so got to enjoy the swimming pool, sauna and gym. The result: I felt like a winner anyway!

Actually, we're all winners. The other blogs in my category were really good, so any one of us deserved to win. On a larger scale the real winners are all the people connected to blogs. At the giving end we have the chance to communicate with a wide audience; and at the receiving end we, the readers, get a wealth of quality information and entertainment for free. Truly, the readers are the winners. Thank you, readers!

See the awards blog for some photos from the event.