I'll be doing a few posts about Turner over the next couple of weeks, starting with some recent reviews.

"I really enjoyed the book. It had that real, natives gone mad that I like so much. It's a classic set up that he wrote really well. Karl is a very effective writer when it comes to action sequences. A lot of the time authors will just write "Then he did this. Then this happened. After that blah blah" that wasn't the case with Turner, the author wrote it very fluid as I think he's a very dynamic writer. I never really felt safe reading it (as I empathized with the good guy) even though I read it sitting in a comfy starbucks chair with local police around me drinking coffee. I had to start ordering Tall Lattes because the book always made me forget to chug down my caffeine. You could say Turner works better than coffee to stimulate the mind and body. Buy it so you can kick the habit too and be as afraid of small towns as I am now." From Amazon.

"Don't read this book if you are easily creeped out! The book starts out nice enough but read with trepidation, as it soon descends into horror and gore. The vividly descriptive scenes of the evil 'Lord John' will leave you chilled! Drinkwater writes in a fluid, descriptive style that flits between idyllic depictions of the Welsh wilderness and bloodstained portrayals of the sinister underworld that lies beneath the surface. It is the tension between these two simultaneously existing worlds that creates dramatic tension in the story, and slowly hooks the reader until they are unable to resist turning the page! Another interesting touch is the anecdotal quotes that mark the beginning of each chapter. These not only add interest but build more dramatic tension by hinting at the events to come. All in all, I think this is a great novel for fans of this genre, and one thing is for sure, you won't think quite the same way about remote islands in Wales again!" From Amazon.

"Wow, a great book that sometimes really takes your breath away. You keep reading what's going to happen to the four non-islander 'guests'. From the beginning you know/feel that something is 'wrong' with the island and the villagers. Four complete strangers have to run for their life. Who will survive this terrible night? Who can be trusted and who doesn't? Everybody needs somebody! Do read this book if you like a thrilling story." From Goodreads.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to add a review after reading my book!