Manchester trip, knoworramean?

Has it really been a month since I last posted? Yes it has. Really? Yep. I don't lie (unless it is to an official). Dun't time fly, our kid?

Well, it has been busy: new book, talks, radio and all. I'll do a post about that stuff soon enough.

As I approached the final edits for Cold Fusion 2000 I decided that a trip to Manchester, where the novel is set, would be useful. I could do some fact checking and extra scene description. And so I spent 1st-4th December back in the city in which I was born. I'd left in 1998, just prior to the start of the story in Cold Fusion 2000. Set out into the world to seek my fame and fortune.

Caught the wrong train and got stuck in Aberystwyth. C'est la vie.


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