I love well-written fiction that gives you something to think about after the words run out. One of my favourite stories from my last post was It’s Easier to Pretend in the Dark by David Tallerman. His site includes links to more recent works and I've just read two of them. Really impressive in their conciseness, not a word wasted; emotional impact slotted between the lines rather than splashed on a wall in melodrama red. Dancing in the Winter Rooms made me think of stories such as The Lottery by Shirley Jackson; isolated societies with rules which cannot be broken, frozen into rigidity. Whereas Jenny's Sick is a different kind of haunting, an undercutting of perfection. The first paragraphs made me think it might be a horrifying gorefest but it is much cleverer than that - no gore, no nasty descriptions, just a clever story that captures the complexity of human relationships. I think David Tallerman is an impressive writer, please consider reading his work.