My new cards. Five different front designs. 
The bottom right shows the backs of the cards.

I've nearly run out of the Moo Minicards I ordered back in 2011 so decided to get some more. They have many uses: one of mine is to slip them into my books when sent out for review. I had been thinking of holding out until my third novel is published, but in the end decided not to wait, since I can always get more later! Plus, since I write in two genres, these won't go out of date - any future horror books can have a Turner card/bookmark slipped in, and any future literary ones get a CF2K card. So if people like the book they then know what my previous book of that genre was, and might go and buy a copy.

This time I went for the greenest option, which excludes the minicards (Moo still don't offer a green paper option for them). So regular-sized business cards it was; and to be honest, they are a better form factor for displaying a book cover. They're just not so obviously like a mini bookmark when tucked into one of your books.

If you want to get some Moo cards (or just look at their options) then if you follow this link then you will get 10% off your first order, and I gain some credit! My order also included a card saying that I could pass on the code for people to get 15% off their first pack of 50 business cards (enter code G2MSCG at checkout). I imagine you can only use one code or the other. Remember that the cost of promotional cards are legitimate expenses to include in your self-assessment tax return if you are a writer.

And unrelated news...
I noticed from the 'views' widget in the right bar that I'm nearly on 25,000 blog views. I get c.1,300 views per month (with occasional peaks and dips) so will pass 25,000 in a few days. Thanks to all my readers!