Every day in Wales is just like this

Writing is so nice. Today I was working on structure for novel 3, since if I get that perfect before I start re-writing it will save loads of time and keep me on track, even though it looks like distraction tactics to an observer.

I'm really pleased with the good reviews of my work recently: and I didn’t even have to sleep with anyone! On second thoughts, just as well, that could lead to bad reviews.

I ran up and down the local cemetery a few times today, possibly a 45% gradient, it is my current favourite ‘quick burst’ exercise as a break from writing. Hard work in the sun, and with the ever-present possibility of a rotten hand grabbing me from underneath the ground. Burpees are a close second. I also want to do one of the zombie fun runs this year, which will give me something to aim for. Either Zombie Run or Zombie Evacuation. Do any of you have any recommendations of good exercises for writers so that we don't become decrepit from days sat on our arses?

Talking of exercise has made me want some more so I'm off to watch the Youtube video again...