What's on my 'writing' bookshelf? Now you know. The books on the right are the reference works I use most often, and will always be part of my writing shelf. I like to keep them nearby.

I have other shelves downstairs full of books that are reference works or inspiration for when I work on new stories in the future (including books on astronomy, deep sea fish, death metal in Norway, and the science of flight). After that those books will move on to lives in the hands of others. But my office shelf, above, will outlast them all.

If you're a writer do you have a writing bookshelf? If you're not a writer, do you have a collection of reference books of some kind?

PS I've just remembered: I have a dictionary too, but I keep that by the bed. The OED. I did try reading it from cover to cover, but am only up to letter B. The structure is logical and well thought out but the subject matter is quite random and the character development almost nonexistent, so that project ended up in hiatus.