They're pouring in at the moment! Here are some of my favourites.

"This was a fun read - a romance with a bit of a difference that had some good twists and turns as well as some humour and poignant aspects. Set in Manchester in the year 2000, I loved all of the evocative references to music and fashion; I was at college that year myself so identified with Alex’s younger sister and her own predicament with her exams. There was a lot of attention to detail that made this a really atmospheric read. The characters have a good deal of depth to them too. [...] My favourite character was actually Natalie - a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve. It made me smile to realise that Alex didn’t pick up on just what was under his nose - typical! [...] This was a solid, realistic story about love, loss, and the choices we make. Readers will definitely identify with Alex in some way: his constant soul-searching, procrastination and continual remembrance of his lost love.
Full review. (23rd August 2013)

"I don't wish to spoil this novel for anyone, but I must say, it's a very good read. The two main characters are stunning in their utterly blatant humanity. They are engaging, absorbing, and wonderful. I found myself losing whole chunks of time in this book without realizing it, that's how entertaining it is. The author is able to capture the complexity of thought and emotion that goes into every moment of being an individual and their relationships with those around them, while maintaining a very charming wit. Very well done. I very highly recommend this book." 
Full review. (20th August 2013)

"Reading about what we used to have, slow (crappy) computers, the first mobile phones, the whole Y2K thingy, and I could go on and on and on....I am part of that generation and it felt like a Back to the Future trip, it was great to see how much Alex foresaw and how much technology has evolved in such a short period of time. [...] this book is way smarter than the average [...] this book is even more brilliant because we were under the skin of a very complex character. I also thought of Sheldon Cooper a lot." 
Full review. (21st August 2013)

"I really began to warm to, and feel for Alex as his life at home moved from one disaster to another, and he became more and more alone. The return of his ex girlfriend and all the twists that involved was great, I found myself desperately wanting it to work out for Alex and 'Lucy'. The end was not as I was expecting, it could have gone several ways and kept me guessing right to the end. A good book with twists and turns, and great characters with plenty going on." 
Full review. (20th August 2013)

"I enjoyed this book immensely  The main character, Alex, was odd but real. I thoroughly enjoyed his dysfunctional relationship with his family, especially the scene when he is at his family party. [...] I found myself cheering for his relationship with Jane/Lucy [...] I respect Mr. Drinkwater tremendously for his bravery with this view into the themes of closure and moving on. I love novels which change perspectives throughout the story and he uses this format in a new and effective way. [...] A solid, enjoyable read!" 
Full review. (17th August 2013)

"Although it is described as an adult contemporary, I found it to be much more intelligently written than most contemporary novels [...] The descriptive style made the characters and locations come to life [...] I loved the development of the characters and found each of them relatable in some way, although they were all distinct from each other and completely realistic. [...] One of my favourite things about this book was the level of research that was evident throughout. As someone that has a keen interest in art, the scene in the Whitworth gallery was one of my favourites – the vivid descriptions coupled with the opinions of both characters involved really drew me into the scene and kept me captivated. I finished this book in about a day and I am completely in love with Karl Drinkwater’s writing style. At only 200 pages, it makes a short yet thought-provoking philosophical read full of quirky science-fiction references and well-built locations and characters. I would definitely recommend this to adult readers of contemporary literature and I can’t imagine not picking this up again at some point in the future." 
Full review. (5th August 2013)

"This was a very clever book, so delightfully different from what I expected. [...] this is not the usual romantic comedy.. [...] There are a couple of interesting twists that lead to an ending that just tickled me! I will read it again (and look forward to reading more by Karl Drinkwater)." 
Full review. (4th August 2013)

"As the story line develops it grabs you and you find yourself completely unable to put the book down. You care about the main character, you care about the story, you are disappointed when you are finished. You long to meet other people who have read it, and discuss the plot and the metaphors at length. If it was a play, I would give it a standing ovation. Bravo!" 
Full review. (3rd August 2013)