Turner has also been receiving lots of attention recently. A lust for horror exists out there, just beyond the darkened woods and shadowed valleys.

Twitter mention. (21st August 2013)

"From the first page, Drinkwater’s debut novel glides the reader in with a creeping sense of dread of village inwardness and suspicion seen in ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and pretty much every Hammer Horror film. [...] The highlight of the novel is the Lord of island, a crazed dictator whose infernal madness is explained in a way that makes everything that has happened entirely possible. If given isolation, time and the means, something the likes of this could happen in reality. Lord John is the Colonel Kurtz in all of this, he’s down the river and in charge of mindless soldiers, using psychological warfare to carve his whims upon the world. The character of Chris is also a joy. Foul mouthed and quick thinking, I had the feeling throughout that this seemed like a jumping off point and that he might easily appear in solving other strange tales as a kind of pirate/gangster Fox Mulder facing off against further weirdness in the world. From the first page this sets off in high gear and doesn’t drop down until the last few pages. [...] If you enjoy a short breakneck read with a flawed hero you be at home on this island bound book, it just isn’t the type of book to take and holiday with you. Is it?" 
Snakebite Horror Reviews. (20th August 2013)

"I was really surprised and delighted by this wee book [...] I read it in one night. [...] The book reminded me of many, many horror movies that I have loved growing up, not in a copying sense, more how you are drawn in to the creepiness and thinking oh no, do go in there or don't do that. It doesn't take long to start and the anticipation that something is about to go wrong and is eerie starts from the opening chapter. [...] I did enjoy this book, especially one part near the end of the story, I may have actually whooped out loud! [...] If you're looking for a new author to try, like stories that revolve around remote towns gone wrong, blood lust and murder then I think this might be perfect for you." 
So Many Books, So Little Time. (20th August 2013)

"A fantastic, atmospheric and truly scary debut from Karl Drinkwater that really raises the bar for other authors in this genre. Comparable with Richard Laymon, Dean Koontz and Paul Kane at their best. [...] This author has the potential to be a leading light in the future of the genre." 
Full review. (19th August 2013)

"The immediate observation I made when reading this novel, was the incredibly graphic nature of the narrative. Never have I read so much clear and vivid depictions of everything. From action, character appearances and breath-taking landscapes. These expressive accounts of every aspect, construct a naturalistic vibe, you can almost smell the salty sea, see the cliff’s grand height and imagine the luminous lighthouse in your mind’s eye. It’s as if the writer sat in amongst the turmoil as it prevailed, noticing every tiny pixel and conveying it factually and imaginatively. [...] The actual story was flawlessly written [...] many sharp hooks reel you into this warped fictional universe. [...] Setting particular segments in the woods with ongoing storylines is magnificent. [...] with the woods being the perfect station for tension by foes being able to cloak themselves in the darkness or behind a tree. [...] Characterisation for the protagonists was superb, each having various motives for visiting the island, each creating a thirst for knowledge of their own demented histories. [...] Even towards the end we are still being fed with the pasts of some of the characters, receiving more information, bringing into existence people that are real and driven by traumatic experiences, or family mysteries, not fictional one dimensional characters. [...] Props have to go to the author for the welsh language insertions, [...] it does create an unexplainable feeling to the book, one that you cannot quite put your finger on. There are moments of pure terror hidden in this novel waiting in bated breath to paralyse you with fear. They will penetrate unknown angsts and leave a gash in your subliminal memory. [...] A tale that mercilessly tortures and whittles down your sanity then locks you in a dark room to suffer your aberrations until they destroy you. Don’t miss this one." 
Matt Molgaard's Horror Novel Reviews. (12th August 2013)

"Turner is a page turner! [...] This is a classic horror thriller. The ingredients are all here- a couple of outsiders, some strange and threatening locals and a remote Welsh island cut off from the mainland, add in some mysticism and mythology and a character with delusions of grandeur and you have an exciting read. [...] Without giving too much away, one particular scene with a lot of creative swearing was very funny and I just hope I can remember some of those expressions if I ever feel the need to taunt a psychotic character." 
Full review. (11th August 2013)

"This was one of the best reads I've had this year, and the lack of attention it seems to get just leaves me in awe." 
Shaun Horton. (23rd July 2013)