Horror Etc mention Turner

Horror Etc do podcasts on the topic of horror, mostly films, but occasionally they cover books too. It's an excellent series, I highly recommend downloading the mp3s and listening to them when you wash the dishes.

In the latest episode they discuss Turner, which brings a big grin to my face. The section is 2:36 - 5:26. They said of my novel: "It's a short, quick read [...] It gets to the point, it delivers what you're after."

Go and have a listen, then work through the previous episodes, it's top-notch stuff for horror fans.

Double bill double bill

A great new review of Turner from Terror Tree:
"There are sinister goings on a plenty in this first novel by Karl Drinkwater.
The story is set on Stawl Island, a small island just off the Welsh mainland. On the island, as well as a whole host of creepy villagers and Lord John (the lord of Stawl Island) are David, the new police officer, Chris, a criminal on the run, and Megan, on the island for a getaway after leaving her cheating boyfriend. Oh, and let’s not leave out Spotty the black labrador, the police dog.
With the creepy villagers and the twisted Lord it is not long before Chris, David and Megan meet up and try to survive a night from hell – and there’s a storm coming too……..
I would like to say that for a first novel this is good, but really that would be a massive disservice to the author. It is, in my opinion, way beyond good. The author has been likened to Richard Laymon and Dean Koontz by other reviewers and these comparisons are pretty much on the mark. I cut my horror teeth on authors like Koontz and Laymon and would also put him up there with them.
The atmosphere on the island is dark, heavy, foreboding. Right from the first few pages it is foot to the floor stuff with pretty much no let up till you reach the end.
This is proper horror writing, the stuff that makes you wince when you see what’s coming. I predict a bright future for Karl Drinkwater and will be adding him to my list of authors whose books I pick up knowing I am in for a good read.
Highly recommended – 5* (out of 5)"
And a lovely review of Cold Fusion 2000 on Goodreads:
"So enjoyable, so mysterious. What is the reality? Can we ever really know? Is it what we, the readers, want it to be? Is our esteemed author playing with us or with the characters in this ever so interesting and clever book? It also has all sorts of interesting touches and insertions. I didn't read any of the material about it on KD's blog first and I urge other readers to follow my lead and read it with an open, uninformed mind so as to enjoy it's full effect. I guarantee I will be re-reading this, it has that much depth. Thank you, Karl!"

Interview time

I've been interviewed over at Raven Reviews. Do I prefer cats or dogs? Find out there.

Advanced notice - in October I am going to post various horror-related things in the lead up to Halloween. Join me!


Playing my own game of thrones whilst cycling in Wales.
Fact: yes, I am a diddy writer. My bicycle is only twelve inches high.

Hi, sorry I haven't posted much recently. I haven't done much work on my new novel either: it's been a hectic few months. I've been away a lot, including my Manchester research trip, time in Cardiff, cycling 130 miles in Wales, and a recent visit to France. I've also been doing a promotional campaign to get more reviews of my books, as can be seen by my last two blog posts. That took a lot of behind-the-scenes work. I have plans for a number of posts in the lovely month of October though.

What have you all been up to recently?

Backup of the interview from Raven Reviews


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