Creeping Jesus multimediafied

I recently mentioned some of my stories that were featured on Creepy Pasta. Well, one of them got picked up by YouTube legend CreepsMcPasta, who narrates and dramatises creepy stories at a phenomenally productive rate! You can listen to Creeping Jesus here.

What's more, it has already been viewed over 38,000 times, which is mind-boggling to me. My own videos usually only get about 50 views!

To celebrate I thought I'd illustrate it with some pics of where the story was written and set: Aberystwyth Museum. They'll make more sense if you have read or listened to the story.


My post-apocalyptic survival bag

The apocalypse comes in many forms. Zombies, disease, solar EMP, world financial system collapse, aliens, religious, nuclear, mental fox hunters, and many more. You need to be prepared. You need: a survival bag! Here is a video showing the contents of mine.

Share your survival bag tips in the comments, or with your own video, or contact me with your thoughts. We'll get through this together!

Update: 13th October 2013.
A friend's survival bag video has been added below as a video response companion piece. Feel free to submit your own!


An interview with Shaun Horton

This week I'm interviewing fellow writer Shaun Horton. I was a guest on his blog back in June, and it is time to return the favour. He's an American writer, and his first novel was The Unknown Neighbor, a slow-burn piece with a twist. His new novel is Class 5, a fast-paced alien action story. You can read the first chapter here.

Hi Shaun, welcome to my blog.

Thanks for having me. It is an honor and a pleasure to be here.

Here’s a slice of red velvet cake. Before we get onto all this book talk, what would you like to drink with it? Tea? Fruit tea? Hot chocolate? Beer? Some other beverage?

Lovely, thanks. Iced tea is my regular preference.

And do you partake of cigars, a pipe, or gentleman’s snuff, perhaps?

Thanks, but I'm a non-smoker. You certainly know how to treat your guests though, I must say.


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