I recently mentioned some of my stories that were featured on Creepy Pasta. Well, one of them got picked up by YouTube legend CreepsMcPasta, who narrates and dramatises creepy stories at a phenomenally productive rate! You can listen to Creeping Jesus here.

What's more, it has already been viewed over 38,000 times, which is mind-boggling to me. My own videos usually only get about 50 views!

To celebrate I thought I'd illustrate it with some pics of where the story was written and set: Aberystwyth Museum. They'll make more sense if you have read or listened to the story.

The pipe case. Notice the one with red stains at the mouth end?
Also the reflection in the glass...

A skeleton. Obviously. 

The bench that was crawled under. 

One of the two dummies, and it shows their home. 

The other dummy. 

Close-up of the creepy face. 

One of the museum entrances. I recommend a visit when you are in Aberystwyth!

I've also co-written a press release with one of the museum curators, which will hopefully be featured in some of the local papers. The text is below.


Ceredigion Museum horror story a YouTube hit

If you’re in the mood for a spine-chiller this Halloween, listen to ‘Creeping Jesus’, the tale of a boy who deliberately gets himself locked in Ceredigion Museum at night and comes to a sticky end. The fifteen minute audio story was written by local author and University Librarian, Karl Drinkwater.

Karl was delighted to have one of his short tales of horror turned into a spooky audio story by a prestigious American horror team, and even more delighted to find that it was listened to over 8000 times in its first day on YouTube. He said, “Story often grows from place: its history, sights and sounds lend colour and scent to the finished piece. My horror novel Turner grew from a stay on Ynys Enlli; Cold Fusion 2000 was inspired by a love of Manchester’s history, architecture and galleries; and this story was written during a wet afternoon spent in Aberystwyth Museum. Museums tell us stories about the past that bring it vividly to life, and I just wanted to return the favour.”

Carrie Canham, Curator of Ceredigion Museum said, “I’ve been in Ceredigion Museum after hours on my own many times and never felt spooked, but since listening to Karl’s story I have to admit that I lock the archaeology gallery door before the others now! This isn’t the first time the museum has featured in a work of fiction; it’s such an atmospheric place, with such an interesting collection, that it’s bound to stimulate the imagination.”

You can find out about more horror stories by Karl by visiting his blog http://karldrinkwater.blogspot.com or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/karlzdrinkwater

From The Cambrian News, 31 October 2013