About a month ago one of my stories was adapted as an online audio version. And I did rejoice and eat cake and dance a merry jig round yonder berry bush.

They say lightning doesn't strike twice. Well, we'll find out about that in my next horror novel, Full Charge. But in the meantime a different group of creepy story fans has got together and made an audio version of another one of my stories! And I did eat cake once more, and dance the jig while making merry, for 'twas brillig. Without any more ado, I hereby promote Midnight Marinara to be a defender of the realm of creepiness. Now turn out the lights and listen to their interpretation of Just Telling Stories! You can listen to it on:

When I first listened to it I thought: Wow! The voice acting and dramatic inter-relationship between the main actors Jason Caits-Cheverst and Sarah Llewellyn is excellent, and made it riveting for me. David King's ghostly introducer reminds me of the excellent In The Gloaming comedy horror podcasts, and was a combination of Peter Lorre and Ghastly McNasty (the latter being the ‘editor’ of Scream comic which I read as a child). The sound effects work really well too. I was captivated.

My story has been changed slightly (with my permission, I should add!), and I think their decision to remove the narration and just have dialogue is a good one, making it more immediate. It even brings in a new possible interpretation for the ending. The only downside is that the ending misses out a bit of gruesome detail, but if you have any questions about that just have a look at the ending of the original here.

So please do go along and 'like' their pages or leave comments: support people doing things for free, being creative for the sheer love of it.

I adore seeing my work adapted as audio, and one day would love to see film adaptations too. For example, an indie-film of Turner would be fantastic! Even Just Telling Stories could work as a ten minute film, since it wouldn't need much of a budget for the single special effect at the end.

Just in case you're wondering how this came about - it was another of those lovely surprise emails I get from time to time. In this case I got up one morning to find this in my inbox from David King (Midnight Marinara):
"I recently discovered one of your stories, the aptly-named "Just Telling Stories," on Creepypasta.com, and first and foremost I'd like to say how much I enjoyed it. It is well-written and executed, and I personally love how subtly it builds from that cozy feeling of terror that comes from ghost stories to the legitimate dread and terror that creeps into the mind when the lights are off and the imagination runs wild; that it ends with an actual supernatural horror makes it all the more satisfying. I'm in the process of starting up a podcast/radio show that does adaptations of Creepypasta stories as radio dramas, similar to the serials of the 40s like "Suspense" and "The Whistler." While in its embryonic state at the moment, I feel it has the potential to go places, and I'd like to ask for your permission to adapt Just Telling Stories as the first official episode of the series."
And thus it was born, and happiness sprinkled like cherry blossom, and all was good.