There's an interesting mix of books over on Shaun Horton's blog - books to read and books to avoid. There are a few books there which I'd like to seek out myself for the cold, dark winter months. I'm also sharing it because he's been a long-time supporter of Turner, and in the link above he says:
Turner by Karl Drinkwater. This book currently has 4.16 stars out of 5 on Goodreads with 37 ratings, and it absolutely deserves it. This has a bit of everything, from suspense, to gore, to medical, supernatural, and psychological horrors. Many parts of the book will make you think of such greats as Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and even Poe. It pays homage to the many horror stories which have come before it, while presenting itself as an original work, expertly told. Another book I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in horror. Five stars.
Brill! Thanks, Shaun! You can read an interview I did with Shaun here.