Well, that's the last 3,000+ words written on the current draft of my next novel. It felt emotional to me, tying things up, even if it will seem cheesy in the cold light of editing day. It was one of the brand new scenes, so I wasn't even 100% sure how it would go, what characters would say or do, which added to my impetus. The novel still isn't finished, since I have some scenes to re-write, new elements to introduce, a new character called Bazzy Brown-Rider to consider building in, and then at least one full re-read and close edit before it goes to an independent editor (then back to me for more re-writing) but... it's getting there. Has a shape, a start, an end, a development. Some heart, too. Many times better than the previous draft.

Many writing days are a struggle. You wring syrup from a stone, then stare at it, wishing it was better, more, brighter, cleverer. But you shouldn't judge syrup so harshly. And you occasionally get these days to make up for it, when the sweet stuff flows and and you feel that amongst all those words you've captured at least a fragment of truth about life.