Touting the hot-cold theorem

I'm interested in how different types of artist communicate with their audiences, and how fans support and "consume" them. With authors the main form is for fans to buy their books and read them. This is certainly the main financial transaction. Some authors do readings and author events, which can enable personal interaction, though there's usually little (if any) income generated for the author. It's just a nice chance to meet readers. So the principle relationship is written words, transmitted after the event "cold" (even though they may have been written in heat).

With musicians there is a similarity when you buy their music on CD, LP, MP3, or whatever format. The finished product, set in stone with fiery lithography then cooled as the heat fades to leave the impression of the sounds and words, unchanging and final. And it is good. But the extra option of seeing an artist perform live, in the heat of flux, is actually a major income source for many singer-songwriters and bands. You get the immediacy, the warm malleability of a live performance, an extra level of closeness as the sound vibrations reach your ears unmediated - a valuable form of contact with an artist.

You'd think when some concept has been around for a long time that all the kinks would have been removed from the process, the loopholes closed. But it's not so.

I really admire Lykke Li. Captivating presence, emotional communication, haunting voice, talented songwriter and wordsmith. It's not often that I go to see live music. I live at the end of the line - literally. But when I saw that she was playing in the UK it was a no brainer. I didn't care that I would have to travel to England, and to a big city (I have no love for London, though the venue itself sounded cool). I assumed the tickets would sell out fairly quickly but there were two London dates, and I got up on the day they went on sale and went straight online: but less than an hour after sales began, they had sold out.


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