It were only a shilling and sixpence in my day

Here's a fun tool which is also a fantastic resource for writers and educators. What would a pint of beer have cost back in 1976? How much does that 1989 salary equate to nowadays? This "Historic Inflation Calculator" tool will answer that for you, back and forth through time.

Writers keep all sorts of information. I have a folder of very old bank statements and receipts - not for tax purposes, but so that when I write any story set in the past I can go through items from the time, and identify how much I paid for things. The inflation calculator tool is a handy add-on for that.

Inflation is a weird thing. I sometimes worry about the day when buying a bar of chocolate will cost me a million pounds. Then I lie awake in bed wondering why humans haven't decided to stamp out inflation so that it exists no more. Then I decide that I'm weird and go back to sleep.


John said...

Hi Karl

Derek Saliva here. Found your blog entirely by chance. Great to see the books - I'll be getting them for my Kindle.

Hope everything is good with you and you weren't put off philosophy by my incompetence!

All the best


Karl Drinkwater said...

Hi John! As soon as I saw I had a comment to moderate from Derek Saliva I knew it was you, I have mentioned your old stage name to quite a few of my friends in the past! No, you didn't put me off - your course cemented my love of philosophy. I studied it for a year or so at university, then specialised in English literature and classics, so the philosophy was really useful for the latter (and I revisited The Republic, but occasionally in the original Greek). You were a really good teacher (you took over sociology too, didn't you?), and we appreciated the occasional pub philosophy class! The Cold Fusion 2000 novel is set in an FE college: not STC but some similarities maybe (though I have worked with lots of FE colleges since then so it's a mix of places). It would be great if you read my books, though people usually go for one or the other - pulpy horror or relationship fiction. Hope things are going well for you, I'll message you too in case you don't see these comments! Best wishes, Karl

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