11 questions

My friend and fellow writer Shaun Horton has answered 11 questions on his blog; he has now told me to answer 11 questions of his choosing too. Writers like passing words back and forth. In the past I've interviewed him and he's interviewed me. Okay, off the cuff, let's go.

1. If you could travel anywhere at all, where would you go for a vacation and why?
If I could get there without burning fossil fuels (rockets are so blimmin' wasteful) - say via teleportation, or flying there like Superman - then maybe the moon. For the solitude. The views. The chance to contemplate our insignificance. And to claim it as my own, a free state built on ethics.

2. Giant monsters or viral outbreaks? 
Viral outbreaks. I loves me some zombies. I find it easier to believe that outbreaks of that kind would occur than giant monsters. Nasty military germ warfare viruses always escape into the wild. Something that's too small to see is too small to fight.

3. Your neighbor is being unruly. What kind of fence do you build?
Some kind of living hedge. Tall, good for wildlife, but with prickly bits to stop the neighbour sticking their head through and ruining my peace.

4. What book or movie is your "guilty pleasure" that people wouldn't believe you like?
People who know me wouldn't be surprised by anything. But let's go with An Officer And A Gentleman.

5. Do a google search for Ink Blots, post the 3rd picture in the second row and describe what you see.


Lots of visits!

While I wasn't looking the blog shot past 50,000 views (currently 50,141). Many thanks to all my loyal readers! My most recent giveaways ended today, which had attracted hundreds of entries, so I'll count that as my way of saying thank you more formally. I now have a pile of books to lovingly package and post. Well done to all the winners!

Short story magazines

Do you have any short stories you would like to submit to a magazine, but don't know which magazines to try? Have a look at this excellent list on ShortStops, Tania Hershman's really helpful website.

Numbers ticking over

Almost 50,000 page views! What should I do when I reach that goal? Suggestions on a postcard (or in the comments below).

Why I like Rock Band

I've always been into the various forms of creativity, and appreciated music without being musical myself. Over the years of playing Rock Band I've been inspired to take it to the next level and start learning to play the guitar. I'm getting started with a combination of online tutorials, rote learning from Rock Band 3 (using a game guitar that resembles a real one), and various practice exercises with a real electric guitar in Rocksmith.

A group of friends regularly join me to play in our fictional band, Organic Apocalypse, and we're moving towards doing all the other parts for real too: we have a bassist; singers; and drummer with an impressive midi drumkit that works both in the games and through a real amplifier.

The video below goes into a bit more detail about what Rock Band is and why I love it. And yes, I realised afterwards that I got the string order wrong, which shows what a noob I am. It should be EADGBE (I thought of Bad Girl rather than Great Britain).


Really Creepy Bundle

I just wanted to promote this to horror fans: the latest Vodo bundle, full of creepy things. Vodo are a really nice company, and I was very impressed with how helpful they've been. I have bought every bundle they've released so far.

Writers of Wales

I now have an entry in Literature Wales' Writers of Wales Database. I'm a junior janitor right now but get to rub shoulders with the established literati. Via hard work, inspiration, support from you lovely people, and cake, I hope to rise through the ranks.

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