My friend and fellow writer Shaun Horton has answered 11 questions on his blog; he has now told me to answer 11 questions of his choosing too. Writers like passing words back and forth. In the past I've interviewed him and he's interviewed me. Okay, off the cuff, let's go.

1. If you could travel anywhere at all, where would you go for a vacation and why?
If I could get there without burning fossil fuels (rockets are so blimmin' wasteful) - say via teleportation, or flying there like Superman - then maybe the moon. For the solitude. The views. The chance to contemplate our insignificance. And to claim it as my own, a free state built on ethics.

2. Giant monsters or viral outbreaks? 
Viral outbreaks. I loves me some zombies. I find it easier to believe that outbreaks of that kind would occur than giant monsters. Nasty military germ warfare viruses always escape into the wild. Something that's too small to see is too small to fight.

3. Your neighbor is being unruly. What kind of fence do you build?
Some kind of living hedge. Tall, good for wildlife, but with prickly bits to stop the neighbour sticking their head through and ruining my peace.

4. What book or movie is your "guilty pleasure" that people wouldn't believe you like?
People who know me wouldn't be surprised by anything. But let's go with An Officer And A Gentleman.

5. Do a google search for Ink Blots, post the 3rd picture in the second row and describe what you see.

Well, to me this is a game of Cosmic Encounter:

"I'm sending four ships to conquer your planet. Be afraid, pitiful human! We will be using our alien powers to boost this attack force, so there is no point wasting your resources putting up a good defence." (Or am I bluffing?)

6. Did you cry when Bambi's mom was shot?
I don't watch Disney films, but I would probably cry. As a kid I cried when King Kong died in the 1933 black and white version on the film. And I can't even watch Watership Down.

7. What game (Board or Card) do you pull out when the family is over?
Oh my, I have shelves full of them! My favourite games aren't necessarily the ones I pull out when people visit, many games are too hardcore. Perhaps Takenoko. Or King of Tokyo. Or Libertalia. They're all accessible. And Dixit is great with people who like telling stories.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve about some of the books you read?
Bad punctuation or grammar. Getting it's/its mixed up is a common cause for gnashing my teeth.

9. What genre do you not work in that you hope to one day?
I'd like to write one fantasy novel, and one sci-fi novel, but I don't actually want to work in those genres. Horror and literary fiction should keep me going for a lifetime.

10. Are you familiar with Sailor Bacon?
No, but it doesn't sound very vegan-friendly, so I'll pass. I'd guess it's a character from Pugwash, along with Seaman Stains and Master Bates?

11. Fenrir Loki's son’s imprisonment by the Aesir has been controversial, to say the least. Thor, spokesman for the Aesir, claims that this was necessary to secure the safety of many people, not least the All-Father of the Aesir, Odin, and that Fenrir’s violent nature was proven when he bit off Tyr’s hand.
Amnesty International and other sophont rights organizations, however, hold that his imprisonment was carried out on the basis of racial profiling and family relation, and not on any action on his part. They also note that Tyr was a principal participant in Fenrir’s illegal incarceration and that his wounds were received only in the course of these events, which involved no small amount of deception on the part of the Aesir. 
How do you feel about these events? #FreeFenrir

Animals shouldn't be in cages. We should retreat from 50% of the currently occupied landmass and give it back to wildlife, including wolves. Our culture of possession and expansion is a terrible thing.