I've always been into the various forms of creativity, and appreciated music without being musical myself. Over the years of playing Rock Band I've been inspired to take it to the next level and start learning to play the guitar. I'm getting started with a combination of online tutorials, rote learning from Rock Band 3 (using a game guitar that resembles a real one), and various practice exercises with a real electric guitar in Rocksmith.

A group of friends regularly join me to play in our fictional band, Organic Apocalypse, and we're moving towards doing all the other parts for real too: we have a bassist; singers; and drummer with an impressive midi drumkit that works both in the games and through a real amplifier.

The video below goes into a bit more detail about what Rock Band is and why I love it. And yes, I realised afterwards that I got the string order wrong, which shows what a noob I am. It should be EADGBE (I thought of Bad Girl rather than Great Britain).

And here's me practising:

That song was on medium difficulty, so was far from being note for note - that will come with time, I hope! I also cringe at missing the easy notes on high E... Blame it on performance anxiety!