As an experiment I have uploaded a new cover for Cold Fusion 2000. It's only for the e-book versions, and will probably just be for a limited time. You can get a look at it by clicking the image above. There's a few elements I like, in terms of it fitting the story:

  • Manchester city streets;
  • The hand-drawn font implies something childish (Alex!);
  • The sun could be rising or setting: either way it is a liminal time, a story set somewhere between other things; it maybe resembles a halo of light (which makes sense if you have read the novel);
  • There's something lonely about those streets;
  • There are shadows at the edges, things may not be perfect;
  • The subtitle gives a bit more of an idea about what the novel might contain.
Better or worse than the previous cover?

Base image by Danka & Peter, downloaded from unsplash.