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Tales From The Lighthouse #1
Tales From The Lighthouse #2

It was done

It was done. You grip as hard as you can, and sometimes you still fall. The straps were tight, the white knuckles that were stronger than her own, and the chair shuddered forth onto the track, whip-cracking her neck. Then it began to rumble backwards. She watched the hospital ward recede. Just as the surface had receded. The light was yellow, flickering and artificial. This place had never seen daylight.

There was a shriek from behind her, the direction she was moving, every jerk of the chair punctuated by mechanical clanks. It was a cry of fear, not pain. That would come.

Everything was buried down here. The graveyard of the dirty secrets, and the inconvenients, and the thinkers. Strapped-down freedom, buried hope. She would be in good company, and she wouldn't cry. She was past that. Walk through fire once more. Raw, without painkillers, she'd burn, whatever they did, she'd burn. Friction caused a reaction, always. She was the blister. They were going to cut her out.


Kurt Vonnegut tips

Last week I was at an inspirational Ty Newydd writing course in north Wales, led by Mavis Cheek and Francesca Rhydderch. One of the many, many things we learnt in passing was Kurt Vonnegut's 8 rules of writing. I recommend reading them if you do any creative writing. They're in his usual dry and irreverent style. If you enjoy them then his talk about story structures is well worth watching too (I have seen it many times!)

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