Band: Happy Mondays
Album: Pills ’N’ Thrills And Bellyaches
Year: 1990
Label: Factory Records
Status: Still going
This song defined a type of music and an attitude. Loose Fit – yeah, it’s the whole thing. Clothes match personality, all in one package, you get what you’re seein’. And if you don’t like it – well, the door’s over there. It’s all perfectly carried by their “don't give a fuck” attitude, Shaun smirking his way through songs: you only have to hear a few lines to picture him stood there, shoulders back and head nodding; Bez doing his slow-swim dance, his own rhythm section, surprisingly important to the band’s energy – when he’s absent from live performances everything seems to drop a notch. It all comes together, as taut as baggy can be.

The song itself reinforces this. Blissed-up sounds, laid-back chorus, plus the noise of Shaun dragging on a spliff throughout. Even its position on the album, track 5 of 10, the other songs round it like slack clothes. Just be yourself he says. “Sounds good to me.”

Loose Fit, Kinky Afro, and Step On form the stoned gold triumvirate of baggy. Everything’s a bit loose if you feel this way, including the law, as we saw in a previous chapter.

Extract from page 205 of 2000 Tunes: A History of Manchester Music by M. H. Rees; used with permission. Read the whole series (25 extracts) here; or my summary post. Readers might be interested in my forthcoming novel about a man obsessed with Manchester music - confusingly, it is also called 2000 Tunes!