It's done. All 25 Manchester Music posts. Time to summarise all the information I covered. There's also my Manchester Music Overview 1976 – 1998, and Manchester Music In The Septembers Of Years Past.

The songs, in order

1. Strangeways, Here We Come [The Smiths]
2. Kinky Afro [Happy Mondays]
3. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) [Buzzcocks]
4. Cigarettes & Alcohol [Oasis]
5. This Is How It Feels [Inspiral Carpets]
6. Perfume [Paris Angels]
7. Loose Fit [Happy Mondays]
8. Closer [Joy Division]
9. Blue Monday [New Order]
10. The Only One I Know [The Charlatans]
11. Get The Message [Electronic]
12. Fools Gold [Stone Roses]
13. Lost In Music [The Fall]
14. In Yer Face [808 State]
15. Wonderwall [Oasis]
16. Corpses In Their Mouths [Ian Brown]
17. Come Home [James]
18. Bitter Sweet Symphony [The Verve]
19. Make It Happen [Electronic]
20. Sunrise [New Order]
21. The Drugs Don't Work [The Verve]
22. Blinded By The Sun [The Seahorses]
23. Life Is Sweet [Chemical Brothers]
24. Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over [The Charlatans]
25. Love Spreads [Stone Roses]

These are also the chapter names in my new novel, 2000 Tunes. Note that the list is not all-encompassing - many great bands and songs have been missed, because I had to find songs relevant to the chapter in terms of name/mood/lyrics (or all three), and released before the year the novel was set (2000). Hence the gaps in this list that any connoisseur would spot. Think of it as a sampling of my personal favourites.

Band Appearances

Bands with 2 entries in my list:
Happy Mondays
New Order
Stone Roses
The Charlatans
The Verve

Bands with 1 entry in my list:
808 State
Chemical Brothers
Ian Brown
Inspiral Carpets
Joy Division  (album rather than song)
Paris Angels
The Fall
The Seahorses
The Smiths (album rather than song)

Band Status

Bands still going - 12
808 State
Chemical Brothers
Happy Mondays
Ian Brown
Inspiral Carpets
New Order
Paris Angels (Disbanded 1992 - but back in 2013)
The Charlatans
The Fall
The Stone Roses

Bands which broke up - 6
Electronic (Disbanded 1999)
Joy Division (Disbanded 1980)
Oasis (Disbanded 2009)
The Seahorses (Disbanded 1999)
The Smiths (Disbanded 1987)
The Verve (Disbanded 2009)

Artistes Who Reappear


1991 (2)