I interrupt my series of Manchester Music posts. While delving in dusty drawers I found a literary collection containing one of my short stories, and decided it'd be nice to have a new widget displaying some of the works I have contributed to, but not been sole author of.

Hello new widget

I've been writing stories since I was seven, when The Adventures Of Mr Rabbit competed with the Giant Laser Robot Of Doom and The Ten-Legged Spider Of Horror for my scribbling time. I've got a drawer full of old Urmstonian school magazines where each issue contains a poem or story I'd written. So you need a cut-off point somewhere. I decided I'd just include the most recent ones, though there are one or two where I can't find a cover image or a physical copy, so they're lost to time, drying tears on a plasma wind.

Secondary Character isn't out yet - July is the intended launch. It is a group effort by the Welsh Short Story Network (WSSN) and will be published by Opening Chapter of Cardiff. I'll do a blog post about it when it is launched. You'll notice my social media backgrounds publicize it at present.

Shoot The Messenger was something I'd forgotten about until I found a copy the other day. It came out in 2005! I have fond memories of it because the editor said nice things about my story (I'm a sucker for compliments). Also, I got pole position: