Full Page Images And Bleed With Print-On-Demand - Technical!

[This post is purely for people interested in technical printing issues: probably other authors who use print-on-demand services, rather than readers. Although based around using Lulu, much of this would also apply if using another print-on-demand (PoD) service such as CreateSpace or Lightning Source. You have been warned. Venture no further into this nitty gritty morass unless you are ready to wrestle with the tangly blood-vines.]

There's a reason some people are put off DIY.

I had finished 2000 Tunes. I printed it at home - perfect. I ordered proof copies from Lulu - perfect. I enabled global distribution - no errors. All the checks were done and the machinery gathered steam. My print book appeared on distribution sites such as Amazon. I was pleased.

But hubris is often dashed by the gods.

Out of the blue, a few weeks after I thought it was done and dusted, I received this email from Lulu:


COURSE - Writing Women’s Popular Fiction

A Tŷ Newydd photo taken by Rowan

Professional writers have CPD just like any other profession. There's craft as well as art; words should be used like a sniper's bullet (every shot counts) rather than a blunderbuss (KERBLAMMO! with everything you've got and hope a pellet hits). Although I learn from the many fantastic editors I work with, I also regularly attend writing courses. I listed some of them here; others here; and my course at Tŷ Newydd last year. Well, I've just got back from this new course at Tŷ Newydd.
Writing Women’s Popular Fiction
Monday 20 – Saturday 25 July
Julie Cohen and Rowan Coleman
Guest: Katie Fforde
Women’s popular fiction accounts for an enormous percentage of the adult fiction market, ranging from the commercial to the literary, from contemporary comic romance to multigenerational sagas and historical fiction. Women’s fiction is about the woman’s story, her hopes, fears, fantasies and empowerment, whether it ends happily or in a tragedy.
You might think it's a strange course for me to pick if you've only read my survival horror novel Turner, but in reality I often write from a female perspective, and for a mixed audience. In Cold Fusion 2000 all the key characters (apart from the clueless protagonist) were women; my new novel 2000 Tunes has male and female protagonists, and I love them both equally.


The Alliance of Independent Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member 

I have been a member of many different professional organisations. Today I joined The Alliance of Independent Authors (my profile is here). It's a non-profit professional association for author-publishers whose members adopt a code of standards. I also subscribed to the additional Ethical Author Code - it doesn't involve doing anything that wasn't already part of my standard professional practice!

  I'm an Ethical Author

2000 Tunes Can Be Played Right Now

Yesterday I realised I hadn't yet made the announcement that my latest novel, 2000 Tunes, was available.

My latest novel, 2000 Tunes, is available.

And yes, I did write an FAQ for the novel before formally announcing that it was available to buy. Semitemos I od sgniht sdrawkcab.

If you're interested in the kind of music here, you might enjoy it. If you aren't interested in that music then you still might enjoy it. After all, it's just a story. About a man and a woman. Dip in to their lives and take your time. Summertime needn't be a rush.

As a celebration I'll make the e-book version of its partner novel, Cold Fusion 2000, $0.99 until September (normally $2.99).

What do I mean by "partner novel"? 2000 Tunes and Cold Fusion 2000 are both set in Manchester in the same summer, year 2000. There are crossover characters and places and themes and events, but each is a standalone novel. So read one, or both; if you read both, then read them in any order. I think there is a lot to be gained from reading both carefully and comparing them (there are many playful little cross-references), but it is optional.

To finish: thanks to all my fans! If you want to support me then please buy my books for yourself or as presents for others; take the time to review or rate my work on Goodreads, Amazon etc; and ask your local library to stock them. Each book page (see "My Books" in the top right of the blog) has the book's ISBN for bookshops and libraries.

2000 Tunes FAQ

Have you read 2000 Tunes? Did you have any questions? Maybe you'll find the answers here! If you haven't read it yet then beware of reading on: there are massive spoilers. As usual I'll add to this if more questions occur.

What's the novel about?
See the blurb here. It's not a fast-paced plot-blaster. I think of it more as a soap opera, where you dip into lives to find out what happens next. There is a point to it all. The book won’t be for everyone, since it is quirky and takes its time over the little details in life, but I’m proud of it. It’s a labour of love, in many ways. My love/hate relationship with Manchester the city; the importance of music to life; different types of love in relationships; and finding where your heart wants to be.

Can you tell me more about the songs you reference, and Manchester music in general?
Manchester Music posts (and a breakdown of the songs and bands); Manchester Music Overview 1976 – 1998.


Tales From The Lighthouse #3

A new issue of my little newsletter, Tales From The Lighthouse, was released recently. I'm up to issue #3! You can subscribe here (free, obviously). Older issues can be found here.

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