Yesterday I realised I hadn't yet made the announcement that my latest novel, 2000 Tunes, was available.

My latest novel, 2000 Tunes, is available.

And yes, I did write an FAQ for the novel before formally announcing that it was available to buy. Semitemos I od sgniht sdrawkcab.

If you're interested in the kind of music here, you might enjoy it. If you aren't interested in that music then you still might enjoy it. After all, it's just a story. About a man and a woman. Dip in to their lives and take your time. Summertime needn't be a rush.

As a celebration I'll make the e-book version of its partner novel, Cold Fusion 2000, $0.99 until September (normally $2.99).

What do I mean by "partner novel"? 2000 Tunes and Cold Fusion 2000 are both set in Manchester in the same summer, year 2000. There are crossover characters and places and themes and events, but each is a standalone novel. So read one, or both; if you read both, then read them in any order. I think there is a lot to be gained from reading both carefully and comparing them (there are many playful little cross-references), but it is optional.

To finish: thanks to all my fans! If you want to support me then please buy my books for yourself or as presents for others; take the time to review or rate my work on Goodreads, Amazon etc; and ask your local library to stock them. Each book page (see "My Books" in the top right of the blog) has the book's ISBN for bookshops and libraries.