National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This is really fun. It doesn't stop you doing research, or planning; it just gets you writing. Every day. Developing good habits. It cracks my whip and dangles my carrot.

It seems like a good time to point to a resource for writers. I bookmarked the Inspiration For Writers tips many years ago, and only just got round to reading them. There's some solid advice there. Showing versus tellingavoiding redundant words, active writing, character development, dialogue and tags (the latter relevant to my recent post), using flashbacks, POV, commas... Use the Writing Tips menu and sub-menus on the left to find all that and more. They also offer editing services.

Today I wrote 1,915 words. I'll refrain from including any tables or charts. If you're interested in the current work you can get a sneak peak at my new horror story, Harvest Festival, on my Facebook page (make sure you Like the page while you are there!). Part 1 / Part 2. I'll probably add another part tomorrow. Happy writing!