It's difficult to catch up once you fall behind!

Yesterday I finished Harvest Festival (draft 1). The ending really got me going, it was like watching an action film and the words kept coming out! Such fun to write. It needs editing next, but I'll probably put it to the side until NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is over. It's good to let work sit for a while so you can assess it with fresh eyes.

A real change of pace today, from fast action-adventure-horror to a dark character piece tentatively called Webb. Spiders, babies, women's issues, from the voice of a Pakistani immigrant woman. It's been a fun challenge so far, and I've made a good head start. Here's the opening, drafted this morning without much planning, just trying to develop a voice:
This country is three things to me. I list them. First, it is cold. I shiver. I think I have not stopped shaking since I was made to come here. Two, is dark. I have lost the sun that watched me grow up. This one is small and mean and is so far away it has no interest in the people here. Three, is damp. I know heavy rain, yes, but not this always-water thing. Black mould grows along tiles in the bathroom, even if I scrub, scrub a lot, it come back quickly. There is a thing in the kitchen (cupboard? But it has no cups in?) and it is not wood, it is made of something like pieces of wood, all mashed together, baby-food furniture. And where it touches ground it gets bigger, splits, crumbles, and I sweep up the bits. That is what I mean! Damp!
And things you call creepy crawlies, they like it. They are always here. They run in lines along the edge of the carpet. I get up in morning to make Husband breakfast, I see curvy slug trails drying on the worktop. 
And every day I clean up thick old web. So much. This, up in the corner. I have to use a long duster, it try to hide from me. I push it in, turn it, and all the sticky grey and bits wrap around. It remind me of something I see on your television once, called candy floss. Your fairgrounds make people smile, but this is like making evil candy floss as I twist sticky horrible on to it.
I would not eat this.
Talking of food... Consider making vegan chocolates as presents! Talented UK game developer Tom Francis posted this idea on his website. (My postal address is available on request, imperfect chocolates and off-cuts are welcome).