Can't have weekends off, or I'll never catch up!

I don't celebrate Christmas. But today I started a new story, called Living In The Present. A Christmas tale, full of carols, brandy by the fire, decorated trees, snow, and happy children. Ah, so lovely! Of course, since I am working on a horror collection, things are much darker than they seem at first (especially when Dada arrives). Anyway, I surprised myself by also finishing that story today! Only 1,400 words, so short and sweet compared to my usual outpourings.

While typing away I was aware of how easy it is to adopt bad posture, and to increase the risk of wrist pain, RSI et al. I had it really bad once, to the point that I could hardly even bend my wrists (in my case from over-use of the computer mouse, especially during one long, fateful late-night session of System Shock 2 in a dark and cold room - I was left almost paralysed the next day, and martial arts was agony, since I did aikido which involved wrist-locks!). Anyway, once you identify a problem you can start to rectify it. In my case I got better due to adopting more sensible habits. My top tips?
  • Use helpful technologies such as wrist supports, vertical mice, mouse beans - whatever helps.
  • I learnt to use the mouse in my opposite hand, which hardly took any time at all. It's a good idea to alternate, so one hand gets a rest. For general computer use you don't need precision.
  • Another tip is to let go of the mouse when you don't need it. Reading a long page of text? Rest your hand on your lap rather than leaving it in the clutch of death all the time. Also you can scroll through docs and web pages with pg down/pg up (or arrows) rather than always using a mouse.
Look after yourselves!

I also saw that an author had included one of their fan's names in one of their novels. A fun idea! I could probably use some people's names in the short story collection I'm working on, which saves me from leaving my nose stuck in the horror that is baby-naming books. I will probably offer this to people on my mailing list, so if you don't want to miss out, sign up! Of course, you'll have more chance of being eaten by cannibals than being a surviving hero, but it is still fun to see what happens. :-)