I took time out of editing my short story collection to write a 17 page report about the bad planning decisions of my county council over 20 years (Ceredigion County Council, though I imagine others are just as bad). Primarily it is about all the green field wildlife locations they keep allowing developers to build on; it also touches on issues of democracy and openness.

It's weird writing 17 pages of unbelievable truth rather than 17 pages of believable fiction.

If you're interested, you can see my full rant here.

Disclaimer: If you are only interested in my novels and short stories then don't bother clicking that link! But if you're interested in green issues then feel free.


Karl Drinkwater said...

I was pondering something - if I put the report here, would that be good or bad? It's not in any way relevant to my writing. On the other hand it does illustrate a bit of my personality. The text might be useful to other people who object to things; then again, it might make me seem like an angry, ranting maniac. I am one of those, of course, but I usually try and hide it in public. :-)

Alyson said...

A link to a separate pdf would be better.

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