Amiga Format Madness

Today I was going to post some flash fiction, but I have just seen a comment on the blog post Who Am I?

Did you ever write letters to Amiga Format magazine? If it was you did you ever keep the prizes you won?

I did indeed! That's a blast from the past. In fact, I still have the T-shirt and wear it round the house (though the binder is long gone).

I'll share them with the world. I was obsessed with my Amiga (a computer). I read lots of magazines and during 1990 had a brief flurry of infamy for my silly letters, which Amiga Format published. I probably wrote many more which didn't appear and are now lost to the mists of time. I'm sure I'll cringe about them later, but these are the letters in question.

Amiga Format, issue 9, Apr 1990, Letters - note that the Workbench
was the operating system, the equivalent of MS Windows.
Two letters in one issue.

Amiga Format, issue 10, May 1990, Letters - nothing from me,
but I had created the "Amiga Kettle" meme.
I needed to make a comeback.

Amiga Format, Aug 1990, Letters.
Back in the driving seat.

Amiga Format, Dec 1990, Letters - was this
my final gasp? I can't find any other issues to scan, so possibly it was...

There were also a few they published before I went a bit mad. Not worth reading, honestly; I just include them for completeness.

Amiga Format, issue 2, Sept 1989, Letters - no hint of humour

Amiga Format, issue 3, Oct 1989, Letters - cringeworthy comments about graphics.
Hey, I was a teenager.

Amiga Format, issue 4, Nov 1989, Workbench - a section about technical issues.
Somehow achieved a time-warp that repeated part of my first letter a few months previously.



Marc said...

That's fantastic! I was just reading through some old back issues when i thought the name looked familiar Still rocking an Amiga by the way haha

Karl Drinkwater said...

I still play Amiga games (and C64, and Spectrum) but just on emulators now. The cool thing is being able to save snapshots - meaning I can complete games that would be almost impossible otherwise. E.g. I completed Wicked for the first time last year. (Loading is also lots faster!)

I never get bored of my favourite Amiga games. I have a draft of a blog post about my favourite games on each system that I'll write one day (amongst the other 300 blog posts I have planned). Just for info, here are the Amiga ones:

Buggy Boy
Captain Blood
Dungeon Master
Hired Guns
It Came From The Desert
Laser Squad
Sid Meier's Pirates
Starglider 2

Honourable mentions:
Alien Breed
Blood Money
Body Blows
Bubble Bobble
Cannon Fodder
Project X
Turrican 2

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