The first two reviews for Harvest Festival!

"You will definitely read this book in one sitting. Everything is going really fast but you can't expect anything else from this apocalyptic story. I really liked the beginning of the action, it kept me in constant tension and really played with my imagination. [...] Plus I really enjoyed the weird part, when Callum tries to save his daughter. Made me really nervous :) [...] It's a fun and intense read and you should definitely go for it, if you're looking for something that won't be brutal and disgusting but will give you chills." OpenBooks / Goodreads (10th April 2016)

"Another scary-good offering from Karl Drinkwater, Harvest Festival combines the best of sci-fi and horror. Packed full of action and nail-biting suspense, it will leave you sleeping just a little less soundly, and perhaps a bit wary of blue-tinted lighting.

An ordinary farmer with two teenaged children who are getting harder to relate to, Callum finds himself defending his family when unknown invaders come to call. He has to dig deep for courage and ingenuity, and make the tough decisions needed to help them survive. [...] Callum is willing to do whatever it takes to save those he loves, and discovers resources within himself that he didn't know he possessed.

If you like horror, get this novella. If you like sci-fi, get this novella. If you are a fan of Tufo's zombies, get this novella. There are no zombies here, but there is something just as gruesome and frightening." Sara Smolarek, Goodreads (10th April 2016)