Today is the start of my July horror blog tour for They Move Below! I hope some of you will follow it when it reaches each new location. I also have some good news after the timetable. :-)

  • Friday 1st / Karl Drinkwater's site: this Welcome post.
  • Saturday 2nd / Grab This Book: a creepy Q&A with me where I reveal something that happened to me in 1988; also a cracking review in another post.
  • Sunday 10th / Linda's Book Bag: I was challenged to argue the case for why people should read horror. Result: I succeeded, Linda was persuaded to read my book, and the post includes a glowing review.
  • Thursday 14th / Life of A Nerdish Mum: a post about one of my stories, and a Q&A with me about my writing.
  • Saturday 25th / damppebbles: a review of They Move Below, plus an article about how depression has fuelled and interacted with my writing.
  • Sunday 31st / Facebook Roundup Party
At some point on each day a post related to They Move Below will go up on the indicated website - in most cases the blogger's thoughts on They Move Below (which will be a surprise to me, because I haven't been told what they will say in advance!) and a contribution by me, such as a small article on a topic, or a Q&A. While you're there have a look around - each blog is packed with reviews and other information, so you might find some other great books to read. Hopefully a blog tour like this benefits everyone. I get exposure for my new labour of love; the blogs gain new readers; book readers find out about other books they might be interested in, and insights into my own work or creative process.


I've had a piece of good news this week - IngramSpark has entered They Move Below into the British Book Design and Production Awards. I'm so pleased! Working with IngramSpark has been a pleasure all round.

Audio Books

Another exciting announcement - the audiobook of They Move Below is being recorded. It will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. I'm incredibly pleased that R. J. Alldred is narrating and producing the book. She's a professionally trained actress, and among her other credits she has voiced numerous characters in the multi award-winning game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm amazed at Rosie's ability to do accents, and my collection certainly puts that to the test: English, Welsh, US, Scottish, Burmese, Somalian and more. I have to admit that the audition I had posted was very cruel, because it involved applicants having to sing as part of it - and sing in an out-of-key way! I'm pleased that Rosie was still willing to work with me after that. :-)

Harvest Festival

One of the stories from They Move Below is also available as a standalone release - Harvest Festival. A fast-paced novella based on the premise: how would you protect your family if you woke in the night to find a terrible threat had arrived at your isolated farmhouse? Harvest Festival makes a great introduction to my recent work, and also a cheap present for someone (hint hint). As with all my books, it is available in print and electronic formats.

Organic Apocalypse

Lastly, I have a publishing imprint called Organic Apocalypse. This year my existing books will get a lick of polish and be re-released with new ISBNs, probably new covers, minor interior edits etc. Organic Apocalypse is also the name of the practice band I play in with my friends.

Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully see you at the various stops of the blog tour! Feel free to say hi below. Have you read any of my books? Will you be visiting any of the sites? What do you like to read?