I got some lovely reviews recently. And there are more coming in all the time! Here's a quick idea for how you can support me (or another author) with no financial cost.

Pick one of the following:
That takes you to a page with a list of my books. Choose one book, then skim over the reviews to see what people have said. Click "Like" (Goodreads) or "Was this review helpful to you? Yes" (Amazon) on any reviews you agree with.

How does this help? The more reviews that get upvoted, the higher the priority they get, and the more interest it implies in them. It's also nice for reviewers who took the time to write a review, since they get a virtual "thanks" for writing it.

Note that I'm not asking people to only vote for the reviews that say my books are good - only to vote for reviews you personally agree with. Obviously I hope that will be the most positive ones, but since most reviews of my work are positive, it gives a lot of leeway!