Watch The Dawn Yonder, Grow Fonder, And Ponder

7.22am. Not drunk my tea yet.

I am not a morning person. It is a shock to the system if I have to crack my eyes apart at some ungodly hour to do something as frivolous as watching the dawn. I first did it two years ago. Oops, I did it again. (I know, I know, but I've always wanted to say that in a blog post).

21st December 2016, I made my flask of tea and tucked a hot water bottle into my coat and sat in a cemetery on top of a hill, watching the ghoulies go back to bed in readiness for a new day, new thoughts, and new yawns. Here, you can join me on this journey in a truncated form.

7.21am. I have no idea what the lights behind me are. I suspect supernatural occurrences, but I'd shut my eyes for a minute and missed them. Hey, this is just like Paranormal Activity or something, only more boring and mostly consisting of me waffling on. Cool.



7.42am. It begins.




8.15am. About the same.

8.28am. That's as sunny as it gets where I live.

Liminal times are times for thought and consideration, times where the potential for change presents itself, times for growth and renewal. May all your dreams come true in 2017. (Unless your dreams involve nasty stuff, in which case I take it back).



D said...

Oh Karl, I haven't stopped laughing yet from your picture post, you look as happy as my pooch does whenever I bring the bath out. And watching the wonderfully evocative timeline evolving and imagining the chill in the air, while we stagger on hands and knees out of two weeks of the humid 38 degrees we have endured, like survivors crawling from the parched sands devoid of moisture, blah blah, but you get my drift. You have truly made the start of my 2017 worthwhile, you wonderful character. Regards Deslie O'Brien from tropical Queensland Australia

Karl Drinkwater said...

Aw, thanks! I was going to say that I can't imagine not living in the Welsh ice age, having been stuck in it for what feels like forever; but today it is actually sunny, with proper heat and everything, and even I will cease to be miserable for a short period. I'll send you some rain when next we get soaked.

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