Lock the doors. Bar the windows. Sharpen the axes. Boil the kettle. Then stop ... horror time!

All three of my horror/dark thriller books are now available as a single e-book collection (which works out a fair bit cheaper than buying them separately). It should be available at all the major e-book vendors, including Amazon. The three titles included are also available separately, both in print and as e-books. Please spread the word. :-)

[This collection now has its own page here.]

The Blurb

Three Horror Books In One Tense Collection.


An isolated Welsh island seemed like the perfect escape for a convict on the run, a jilted woman, and a policeman seeking a quiet life. When the surly locals turn to murderous violence the three visitors are forced to flee together, trying to stay one step ahead of their increasingly insane pursuers.

"TURNER was intense, dramatic, and shocking. Well-done horror is all about setting up an atmosphere of anxiety and hopelessness; Turner smothers the reader in both in the opening chapters. It’s not ‘if’ someone is going to die, it’s ‘if’ someone will survive." -- Lizzy's Dark Fiction

They Move Below

In this collection of fifteen tales Karl Drinkwater sews flesh onto the bones of our worst fears whilst revisiting some of horror's classic settings, such as the teen party, the boat in trouble, the thing in the cellar, the haunted museum, the ghost in the machine, and the urban legends that come true. No-one is safe. Darkness hides things, no matter how much we strain our eyes. And sometimes those things are looking back at us.

"THEY MOVE BELOW is a great collection of dark tales. Nobody is guaranteed to come through a story unscathed, and there was enough variety in the scenarios that I was able to read through more than one story in a single sitting and still think each new tale felt fresh. Mr Drinkwater has a delightfully warped imagination. Now if you will excuse me it is late and I need to go and turn on all the lights..." -- Grab This Book

Harvest Festival

First the birds went quiet. Then the evening sky filled with strange clouds that trapped the heat below. Now Callum wakes, dripping in sweat. Something has come to his isolated Welsh farm. If he's going to keep his family alive during this single night when all hell breaks loose, he'll have to think fast. And when he sees what he's facing, he suspects even that may not be enough.

"HARVEST FESTIVAL - I felt like my heart was in my mouth. I could very much feel the fear that the family were feeling and as a parent my maternal instinct was kicking in and shouting at Callum and Cerys to get their family to safety. This is certainly not a novel you want to read just before going to bed. It literally had me on the edge of my seat. I found it to be a very tense read that scared, yet thrilled me. A great read for any horror lovers." -- ByTheLetterBookReviews

Reviews - A Favour Asked!

The three books that make up the collection each have lots of reviews, as you can see from their individual pages: Turner, They Move Below, Harvest Festival. Unfortunately, the reviews from the separate books don't have any effect on a compilation, meaning the new Horror Collection looks rather lonely and unloved! That will stop a lot of readers from taking a gamble on the book. So the favour is: if you've enjoyed any of the three books in the collection, please could you pop a rating (and/or few words of favourable review) at one or more of these sites? Many, many thanks if you do!