Numbers can be arbitrary, but it is still nice to celebrate passing milestones. I have just had my 200,000th visit to this site. Since I became a full-time writer I've seen more and more visitors. All are welcome to step into the light.

This is an exciting year for me. I continue with the author's mandate of getting words down (and accepting that they'll be a mix of crap, average, and brilliant, and that the hard work is cutting out all but the brilliant ones).

I have quite a lot of projects on the go.
  • The audiobooks of They Move Below and Turner have finished production and will be available soon. Both have great narrators, and I'm glad Harvest Festival will have some companions.
  • Cold Fusion 2000 is getting a new edition (and then I'll work on a new edition of 2000 Tunes to match it).
  • In NaNoWriMo 2016 I wrote a collection of literary short stories - all about life and relationships and love of various kinds. I can't help being a bit dark so it includes a creepy one about a couple stuck on a desert island that gets covered in water every twenty-four hours. You can only survive by standing on the highest point (which is still underwater). I already had about 70,000 words of short stories written, so that's about 130,000 total. Rather than two average collections, I'm going to be ruthless and work with my editor to identify the best, and just nuke the others, so that one strong collection remains standing. I think it's always the case that in any good book many words will have been discarded along the way, maybe even as many as the final word count. Discarded words still count towards the million we have to write to learn the craft though. 🙂
  • Then my most exciting project (that has temporarily put the project above on hold) - at the end of NaNoWriMo I needed to write a few thousand more words. But I'd already written every relationship story I had planned! So I decided to have fun and write a short sci-fi horror to take me over the goal line. But then I really got into the story, and kept building in new twists. Before I knew it NaNoWriMo was long gone and I was still writing every day. 3,000 words about a man on a spaceship became 50,000 words about a woman on a spaceship (in a type of power armour, backed up by a goddess-level AI), with wider themes and more twists and side-story. I had such fun writing it, and I think it tells in the story. I was never stuck or bored, for the first time ever. So instead of the literary collection being my priority, it became this, and it is now almost ready for the final proofread and publication. Kind of Aliens crossed with Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider crossed with military sci-fi and Event Horizon with a hint of Space Hulk. I had a science expert (non-fiction science author) look over it to do fact checking, and it was all fine apart from needing to change a brown dwarf to a neutron star. I was a bit sad about that because I like brown dwarf stars (some of them are cool enough that you could rest your hand on the surface and not get burnt) but otherwise he said it was good to go, even if some parts of it "felt like I was playing a computer game". I took that as a compliment.
  • After all that is done I'll start a whole new project. Possibly a sequel to one of my books, or something nutso, or maybe a whole new world and story and characters. It's important for writers to be excited by what they are doing, so that it bleeds onto the page.
Thank you for being with me on my journey so far. It's really going places (outer space, for one!)