Pleasant things often happen to me out of the blue. Requests for a radio interview. Nice reviews from readers. Messages from fans. Cake.

Last night I was about to go to bed when I found out I had been included in a lovely "A-to-Z of indie" series on Twitter, posted by Altered Instinct, the excellent website that gave me such a glowing review of my horror collection, saying (among other things): "And heck, if anyone can make you think of Gallagher, Herbert and Quatermass in one fell swoop, that's practically a guided tour of the classics of British horror." **

And so I was the letter D:

"D is for @karldrinkwater, ready to scare the bejeezus out of you with horror tales while he smiles."

I love it! If you use Twitter you will find the full A-to-Z here. I ended up following everyone in the thread, since it brought together so many interesting people.

It's very kind when people talk about and share the work of others. A selfless way to pay it forward. In fact, I'm going to try and do an A-to-Z myself in the near future, if I can make friends whose names begins with X and Q.


** (My collection is still short of reviews on, Amazon UK, and Goodreads - hint hint to my fans!)